Harvest Capital Strategies LLC is a SEC-registered investment advisor focused on private equity and venture capital.

Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that leveraging our extensive network of relationships and exercising a rigorous fundamental research process allow us to achieve an informational and competitive edge. We also believe that portfolio managers who have demonstrable domain expertise are better equipped to exploit market inefficiencies because of their abilities to source and interpret information.

Our investors include a range of institutions, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals in both the United States and abroad. Additionally, our firm and our principals have made significant investments in our products, which aligns us with our investors and demonstrates our commitment to the investment strategies we employ.

We also partner with third-party venture capital and private equity funds, leveraging our client-focused and scalable asset management platform to propel their growth.

For more information about Harvest Capital Strategies, please send email to info@harvestcaps.com