The success of JMP Securities is due to the spirit and excellence of its people. We seek highly motivated individuals with the desire to participate and learn in a challenging, dynamic environment.

Our collegial, entrepreneurial culture provides all of our employees the opportunity to play a meaningful role in the firm’s success. Everyone at JMP Securities is encouraged to take initiative and to exceed expectations.

If you are interested in a career at JMP Securities, please send your résumé to Please do not make inquiries by mail or telephone.

JMP Securities is always looking for talented people to join its investment banking teams in New York and San Francisco.

On-Campus Recruiting – Investment Banking Analysts & Associates

JMP Securities recruits undergraduate and graduate school candidates for full-time positions and summer internship opportunities. Interviews for both full-time and summer internship positions take place each September and October preceding a candidate’s graduation or equivalent. If we do not visit your campus, we encourage you to submit a cover letter and resume to

Experienced Investment Banking Professionals

Periodically, JMP Securities seeks to add experienced investment banking professionals to its technology, healthcare, financial services and real estate groups.  If you would like to be considered for employment in the firm’s investment banking division, please submit a cover letter and resume to